Weddings: 9 Luxury Invitation Ideas

December 19th, 2012

Weddings: Invitation Ideas – as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Lela, Creative Director here at Lela New York where we specialize in couture wedding invitations. This invitation is one of our popular styles, its our box invitation, so this one is all about colors. She loved pink and she wanted the box of orange to go with it. So we created this Lux invitation with a wrap of contrast color inside. We decorated with a little bit of bling and we did a couture letter press invitation for her with her RSVP that matches in contrast colors.

This wedding invitation was for the Plaza. It was a beautiful invitation that was decorated in crystals and when you open them it was our trifold invitation. It was drenched in gold foil and all their details were printed also in foil. And they had a reception card that told of their the Plaza wedding. And we also did a gold-silk contrast inside.

This invitation took place at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. So we created a special graphics for that. When you open them it had a pretty contrast poppy red kind of lining and then your invitation was inside. So the invitation had hand drawn poppies all the way around and then Brooklyn Botanical Garden was depicted at the bottom and it had contrast letterpress writing. And then we also drew a special Brooklyn Bridge just for the RSVP and then the RSVP envelope.

This wedding invitation was a little bit different. It had your custom die-cut envelope with the wax seal. And then when you opened it, it had a silk envelope with a crystal applique in the middle. And then when you opened it, it revealed a a glass invitation that your guest can actually see through with a tissue in the back, and it was printed in gold.

When having your wedding sometimes its fun to have a wedding theme. this particular bride had a beach theme. So what we created for her save-the-date were these mini surf boards. And you can turn them over and have your wedding day and information behind them. So its just the fun way and her guest were all happy to receive them.

These are the invitations were done in a silk gatefold style. We did crystal appliques on either ends. And then when you open it she had her contrast color inside in a pretty coral. We letterpressed them in coral and then we added foil silver detailing around the edges to give it a little bit of shine. We also added a custom lace applique in the background, just to add another actual touch of romance.

This invitation is for a destination bride who wanted a little bit of Lux in her wedding invitation. So we created a trifold invitation for her and her lavender colors matched her bridesmaid dresses. So when you open them up it reveals invitation inside. The packets were for her RSVPs where we foil stamped her invitations, and we foil stamped her Logo and everything else was letterpressed with hand drawn details that was letterpressed with lace details as well.

This invitation was for a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. we used the color teal just to reflect the water and like show a little glitz we added a star fish. When you open it up it, reveals the invitation. Once again we did letterpress which is really popular right now, contemporary. We used the teal color all the way around with a top of yellow. Then this little pocket has her RSVP information to let her guest know when to reply.

These invitations are boxed invitations so they were done with hands calligraphy in gold and a gold mailer box. When your guest open them it was a story book invitation with custom embroidery of their logo and it was a beach themed wedding as they were getting married on the beach. We use linens in a blush color and inside is a contrast color. We used gold foil for that extra little shine. And then if you flip through them you would see different stories of how they met in Long beach, their story as they went on and poems and accommodation. So all their information fit nicely into this one invite that the guest could take with them.

DIY Wedding Preparation : How to Make Wedding Invitations

December 19th, 2012

Making wedding invitations can be dong using colored card stock, elegant vellum, stamps and satin ribbon. Create an expensive layered look for a fraction of the cost with tips and advice from a wedding consultant in this free video on planning weddings.

Expert: Wendy Dahl
Contact: dahlweddingcompany.com
Bio: Wendy Dahl is a wedding consultant and the owner of the Dahl Wedding Company, serving Southern California for more than a decade.
Filmmaker: Gina Miller-Britton